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Metal Stamping Die Photo Gallery

Metal stamping dies are commonly used in hydraulic, pneumatic, and mechanical presses to produce the sheet metal components in large volumes. Generally, press tools are categorized by the types of operation performed using the tool, such as blanking, piercing, bending, forming, forging, trimming, etc.

Double D Hole Punching Tool and Die
Metal stamping tool to punch oblong holes in curved aluminum extrusion
Multicyl Air to Oil Mandrel Press Station for Aluminum Tube Punching by Vortool
Aluminum Tube Punching Mandrel Die 

Learn more about aluminum tube punching mandrel dies.

Multiple Station Hole Punching Mandrel Tooling for Aluminum Tubes
Pipe / tube punch flatten bend trim die vortool
Custom Multi-Station Die to Flatten, Bend, Punch and Trim Steel Tube / Pipe

Learn more about custom multi-station die to flatten, bend, punch and trim steel tube/pipe>>.

Compound metal stamping tool and die
Compound Metal Stamping Die 

Stamping is the process where the die separates or blanks the part from a steel strip in one stroke. A compound die will perform multiple cuts or punches in one stroke, as compared to multiple strokes. Compound dies are often used to stamp simpler flat parts such as washers.

Progressive metal stamping die by Vortool Manufacturing
Progressive Metal Stamping Die
Ball end wire rope crimping swaging die
Ball End Wire Rope Crimping and Swaging Die

Learn more of ball end wire rope crimping and swagging die>.

Press tooling by Vortool Manufacturing

Progressive Metal Stamping Die

The sheet metal is fed through as a coil strip, and a different operation (such as punching, blanking, and notching) is performed at the same station of the machine with each stroke of a series of punches.


Learn more of progressive metal stamping dies.

Vortoool tool and die manufacturing
Press tooling - Vortool Manufacturing
Metal stamping die Vortool Manufacturing
Metal Stamping Die Types


The metal stamping dies can process various materials such as metal, plastics, paper, etc.. Materials can come in a form of sheet, strip or coil. They can be shaped, like tubing, extrusions, channels, etc.

Metal Stamping Product Development


Vortool Manufacturing can help with your metal stamping tool and die development. This ranges from metal stamping product drawings, prototyping parts, designing and making tools and dies for metal stamping and setting up part production.

Customized High Precision Progressive Metal Stamping Die


Special products require special tooling and design. Blanking thin foil type material is a challenge of its own.

Metal Stamping Die Set Up Solutions

Vortool Manufacturing offers practical metal stamping production solutions for part production at your facility.