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Custom, bench top and floor mount punch presses

Made in Canada

Shop air press options North America

AirHEAD pneumatic punch press options

Configure and order your custom benchtop or portable stamping press station today.

4 ton benchtop pneumatic box frame punch

AirHEAD 5 - benchtop pneumatic press

4 ton shop air metal stamping press with 6" stroke.

AirHead 5 - 4 ton portable pneumatic shop air press

AirHEAD 5 - benchtop pneumatic press

4 ton shop air punch press with 1" stroke

Box frame pneumatic shop air punch press Canada

AirHEAD 5XL - benchtop pneumatic punch press

3 ton shop air stamping press with 3" stroke and time delay. It has Lexar guard.

Air to oil mandrel punch press tooling - Multicyl cylinder

Long mandrel pneumatic punch press station

5-7.5 ton custom air to oil modular punch press station with multiple long mandrels for aluminum tubes.

7 ton air over oil portable shop punch press - Multicyl cylinder
7 ton air over oil portable shop punch press - Multicyl cylinder

Portable pneumatic press station

7 ton portable punch press workstation.

Works with shop air.

Custom benchtop pneumatic press manufacturing North America

Laboratory punch presses

Compact laboratory stamping presses are suitable for applications with relatively low tonnage requirements in laboratory and clean room environments.

20 ton three platen flatbed die cutting press for steel rule dies

AirHEAD 20 - precision benchtop flatbed die cutting press

20 ton precision pneumatic press for steel rule dies for making cutouts of variety of materials.


Precision pneumatic flatbed die cutting presses for steel rule dies


Flatbed die cutting press and steel rule die to cutout material into custom shapes and designs.

Extrusion hole punching - North America - Canada

Pneumatic press station and tooling for aluminum extrusion punching

The most effective way to punch aluminum, vinyl or plastic extrusions for different frames and styles is to have dedicated punch extrusion presses and tooling for each hole.


Pneumatic press and die station for vinyl extrusion drain hole punching

3.5 ton compact pneumatic punch press and tooling.

C-frame press station for table top with metal stamping. Made in Canada.

C-frame punch press

A portable and double sided C-frame press provides exceptional strength while maintaining the small footprint.

Benchtop pneumatic coax cable compression crimping tool / press

Benchtop pneumatic coax cable compression crimping tool / press


Terminate a stripped coaxial cable by pushing the connector firmly onto the stripped cable. Please watch video below to see the benchtop pneumatic coax cable connector crimping press at work.​

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