Remote SolidWorks tutoring with GoToMeeting


Using GoToMeeting is an easy to use method for connecting between two or more computers in real time. There is a two way audio that ensures proper communication. The screen can be shared either way and can be changed as many times as needed between the connected participants. The mouse and keyboard can be also shared. You only need few things that you may already have, such as

  • Internet connection

  • Microphone (built in or external)

  • Speakers (built in or external

  • Or you can have a headset with built in microphone for best result


This is how it works. You will receive an email from Vortool, few minutes before the starting time of the tutoring session. The email will contain a straight forward information what to do, prompting you to click on a link to connect and start the session.


If new to GoToMeeting, your computer likely wants to download the GoToMeeting application. Follow the on screen instructions. This takes about a minute. That is it. Once connected, you will see VorTool's screen live, and can talk and hear in a similar way than in a phone conversation.

On the side of your screen, a control panel will appear. Once in session, you'll be given an introduction how to use the control panel if necessary.