4-Ton Benchtop Shop Air Pneumatic Punch Press Specifications


  • Required compressed air (input), 100 psi

  • Capacity: 7,618 force in lbs (3.8 tons) at 100 psi

  • Stroke: 6"

  • Workspace: 14 x 12 x 8"

  • Actuator: Two pushbuttons

  • Storage dimensions: 23 x 24 x 53"

  • Weight: 250 lbs

  • Additional information for hole locations: bolster plate, bottom mounting bars, and striker head.

AirHEAD 5 - 4 Ton Benchtop Pneumatic Box Frame Shop Air Punch Press


  • This is a sample benchtop pneumatic shop air punch press. We can make one to customer specifications. It ships within 3-4 weeks of your order.

  • Shipped assembled - plugin and play.

  • Box frame construction for superior rigidity.

  • No electrical power required, only compressed shop air.

  • This 4-ton pneumatic box frame press is equipped with a powerful multi-stage pneumatic cylinder with 4-ton capacity.

  • The space-saving footprint of 23 x 24", suited for benchtop applications.

  • A top of the line FRL is to protect and to ensure the long service life of the cylinder.

  • 4-ton benchtop pneumatic box frame punch press is ideal for fast-paced production, using the velocity of up to 120"/second.

  • Custom metal stamping tooling can be easily mounted to the cylinder’s RAM through 3 easily accessible bolt holes.

  • The lower mounting plate has 8 threaded holes and 2 dowel holes.

  • A 4-ton pneumatic shop air punch press is equipped with two push buttons that require a gentle touch to activate, saving the operator from fatigue.


*Price may vary depending on configuration. Plus crate $250 / actual shipping cost / customs (if applicable) or taxes. We ship anywhere in Canada and the United States. Funds are in Canadian dollars.

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