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Small batch heat treating tool steel - Abbotsford Coquitlam BC

Small batch heat treatment of metal


In-house, small batch heat treatment available to harden tool and die parts, tool steel or small machine parts at Vortool Manufacturing call 604-239-7218 or EMAIL.


Heat treatment is the process of heating and cooling metals to change their microstructure and to bring out the physical and mechanical characteristics that make metals more desirable. The temperatures metals are heated to, and the rate of cooling after heat treatment can significantly change metal's properties.

Heat treatments are used to alter the physical and mechanical properties of metal without changing its shape.

Various heat treatment processes involve carefully controlled heating and cooling of metal The cooling stage has different effects depending on the metal and process. When steel is cooled quickly it hardens, whereas the rapid cooling stage of solution annealing will soften aluminum.


  • Increase strength, hardness, and toughness

  • 2250°F ±25 °F

  • Chamber Size: 12"x20"x12"

Small batch heat treating tool steel - Vancouver Burnaby Richmond BC
Small batch heat treating tool steel - Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland
Hardness Testing - Vortool Surrey BC Canada

Rockwell hardness testing


Hardness testing for heat-treated of ferrous metals. Hardness is the property of a material that enables it to resist deformation, penetration, indentation, and scratching.


Therefore, hardness is important from an engineering standpoint because resistance to wear by either friction or erosion by steam, oil, and water generally increases with hardness.


The Rockwell scale is a hardness scale based on indentation hardness of a material. When testing metals, indentation hardness correlates linearly with tensile strength.


  • Accuracy meets GB / T230.2, ISO6508-2 and American ASTM E18 Standard

  • Measuring range: 20 ~ 88HRA, 20 ~ 100HRB, 20 ~ 70HRC 

  • Sample maximum allowable height: 6.5"

  • Pressure head center to wall distance: 135mm 

  • Hardness resolution: 0.5HR

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