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Metal stamping tool and die design workflow

View metal stamping tool and die design projects by Vortool Manufacturing.

Concept development for metal stamping dies
Sheet metal stamping die design concept development

Develop strip and station layout and preliminary metal stamping die design.

Tool and die design modifications
Metal stamping die design modifications

Trouble shooting, fine tuning and problem solving of metal stamping tool and die design and material issues.

Die Set - Metal stamping tool & die design
Metal stamping tool and die design SolidWorks 3D CAD

Create detailed drawings in the latest SolidWorks 3D CAD to specifications. Metal stamping tool and die design reviews and follow up.

Tool and die prototyping Vancouver

Produce 3D printed sample parts. Produce prototypes, if needed. Attend the trial run of the final jig, fixture or die and evaluate result to prove that the stamping design and finished tool meets the intent as well as all dimensions and tolerances.

Tool and die design documentation
Metal stamping tool and die design documentation

Supply detail and assembly drawings, component lists and assemblies of the jig, fixture or metal stamping die.

Tool and die makers assembly support
Tool and die maker and assembly support for metal stamping die manufacturing

Assist the tool and die maker and toolroom machinist when making the blocks, stops, pins and die sections or during assembly process of building the metal stamping die.

Metal stamping tool and die design

Metal stamping project


Punch press specifications


Strip layout of metal stamping die

Metal stamping die design

Tool and die design 

Tool and die 


Tooling documentation

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