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Metal stamping dies


Metal stamping dies can process various materials such as metal, plastics, paper, thin foil, etc.. Materials can come in a form of sheet, strip or coil. They can be shaped, like tubing, extrusions, channels, etc.

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Made in Canada.

Metal stamping blanking and forming dies


They can be used for both low, medium or for high volume production, using different type of power sources such as:

Blanking and forming dies can be manually operated or semi or fully automated and PLC controlled. The type of die tooling and method is determined by a combination of factors, such as volume of production, available facility, budget and other resources.

Custom progressive metal stamping dies


Custom progressive metal stamping dies are usually built for automated lines where there is minimum or no operator input required.


Sheet metal stamping die manufacturing Canada
Metal stamping die manufacturing North America
Precision tool and diemaker - Vortool
Metal stamping die set manufacturing North America, Canada
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