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Multi set up metal stamping die cutting metal strips to size and punching holes in them. Made in Canada.
Precision metal stamping tool and die Vortool Manufacturing

Multi set up sheet metal stamping die


The multi set up metal stamping die punches holes and cuts parts to length from 1/8" and 3/16" thick, 1.25 wide aluminum flat bars. There are two tracks in the tool for the two different parts.


  • Part One: 12" long, has 4 holes and the end corners have radiuses as well.

  • Part Two: 32.75 long and has 8 different holes punched. The end corners also have radiuses.

The metal stamping die components were built into a two post guided die set with a foot print of 10.5 x 20.0. Since one of the part is nearly 33 inches long a supportive extension was added. The total length of the tool become 45 inches long. There were flip stops to control the lengths of each part.


The parallels under the die set to ensures proper slug evacuation. The parallels placed from front to back. The reason for it that it allows checking slug accumulations visually.

This tool is the first tool of two for the same project. The parts require bending which needed a special tool to make this operation as efficient as possible.

Made in Canada.

Rotary bender sheet metal bending press tool and die. Made in Canada

Rotary bender - three station sheet metal bending tool and die


This  three station sheet metal bending tool was designed and manufactured by Vortool Manufacturing.

This bending tool is the second tool for the part making the part. The previously stamped aluminum flat bars are being bent here in three side by side stations.

The tool's foot print is 16" x 28". The nearly 33" long flat bar needs to be bent into a kind of "U" shape, so the tool require enough inner space for the part to fit once bent. The overall height of the tool is 32 inches. The tool is designed to operate in a 50 ton hydraulic "H" frame press.

The first bending station in this tool is to process the shorter part that was made with the previous tool. The required shape was being done in a single stroke.

Rotary bender sheet metal bending tool and die. Made in Canada

The longer part needed two stations. In the middle station the two ends of the aluminum flat bar was bent at 3 places. The third station was designed and built to bend the parts to a "U" shape with 18 degrees over bend.

Rotary bender sheet metal bending press tool. Made in Canada

Standard wipe form style tooling could bend only up to 90 degrees or rather less as most material has some degree of spring back. This rotary bender employed a custom designed and built pair of rotary benders, allowing a great amount of over bending.

The tool has 6 lifter springs on top  to automatically open the tool after each stroke. Most "H" frame presses use a bottle jack style hydraulic cylinder, so it can push things downward but can't pull. The auxiliary springs overcome this problem and lift the tool to open position by default.


Made in Canada.

Sheet metal forming tool
Sheet metal forming tool
Sheet metal forming tool
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