Tube / pipe notching tool and die


  • Vortool Manufacturing makes tooling for your square or round pipe notcher housing.

  • This custom round pipe notching tool and die from hardened steel in any size and shape to fit your notcher housing and cutting shape.

  • Made in Canada.

Repair and sharpening of tube / pipe notchers


This old unit is to cut a 1-1/2 SCH 40 pipe. The cut radius or profile did not exactly match the pipe that was suppose to fit on. There was a small gap at both sides (~0.020) that made it difficult to weld with an automated system.

The 1-1/2 schedule 40 pipe has an actual outside diameter of 1.9 by specification. Due to tolerance variations or by manufacturers, the actual pipe measured 1.895 at is outside diameter. The punch’s partial round profile was re-machined to fit for 1.895 diameter tubes.

The die’s cutting radius was also re machined, slightly larger than the punch, using a 0.005 cutting clearance per side. The modification required re-location of the radius from the die’s flat face. To compensate the altered dimensions, the die’s flat face or mounting surface was ground to match.  The punch’s cutting edges were also sharpened that made this unit produce clean cuts again. 

The housing needed an addition, a tube rest and guide, making the cuts more consistent and also more convenient. 


A set of brand new punch and die was also manufactured with the same better fit radiuses, and custom fit for the old and slightly worn housing.