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Portable C frame punch press station. Made in Canada.
C frame punch press for metal stamping. Made in Canada.
C frame press for hole punching
Custom C frame punch press. Made in Canada

Custom air-oil cylinder c-frame modular punch press station and tooling


The air-oil cylinder c-frame modular punch press product line by Vortool Manufacturing is commonly used for various purposes including punching holes for extrusions.


  • The double-sided portable c-frame provides exceptional strength while maintaining the small footprint of about 5" wide.

  • The power source can be air, hydraulic or the combination of the two. The sample is equipped with an air to oil cylinder, using regular compressed shop air to operate. There are many punch press models to choose from to suit most applications. The cylinders range between 1.5 - 12.5 ton capacity. Other models are also available that are capable of producing up to 60 tons at 120 psi air pressure.

  • Conventional hydraulic cylinders can be also used for higher tonnage requirements. To keep the footprint to the minimum, high-pressure hydraulic pumps and cylinders can be installed, capable of 80 tons output using a small, 5" bore cylinder at 10,000 psi.

  • Tools or tooling components to be mounted on the horizontal platform. The air-oil cylinder c-frame modular punch press is portable and can be easily bolted on an existing benchtop or shipped with a dedicated stand. These stands could be floor mounted or have lockable casters for even greater mobility.

  • There are different operator controls to choose from. You can have a foot pedal or palm buttons with or without an anti-tie-down module. The control may be built as a pedestal style and could be equipped with noncontact finger sensors to activate each cycle. Depending on the application requirement, a more sophisticated PLC integrated system is available.


Made in Canada.

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Slider stop for metal stamping die
Custom 3D printed pinch shield for metal stamping die
Setting gauges for metal stamping die
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