Metal stamping tool and die repair

Whether it's a scheduled die tooling maintenance service, emergency repair or a revision. Vortool Manufacturing a tool and die makers can help to repair your metal stamping dies.

For metal stamping tool and die repair call: 604-239-7218 or EMAIL.

Emergency metal stamping die tooling repair


Vortool Manufacturing can overhaul your damaged or broken sheet metal stamping dies.


  • Troubleshooting of metal stamping dies

  • Metal stamping tool and die sharpening

  • Replace broken springs

  • Repair worn, damaged or broken die sets

  • Component or die replacement

  • Die changes

  • Slug retention

  • Testing of die tooling

Scheduled metal stamping tool and die maintenance


Set up a scheduled metal stamping tool and die maintenance to avoid expensive downtimes and make sure that your die tooling performs well over time.


  • Clean tool and die from oil, dust, and debris

  • Inspect for loose or missing dowels, screws and broken springs

  • Shimming to level sharpened components

  • Look for damaged tool and die sections

  • Sharpening of dull components

  • Lubricate die tooling to minimize corrosion, reduce friction and to reduce amount of wear

Metal stamping tooling revision or rebuilding

Does your current die tooling have a design flaw?


Vortool Manufacturing can troubleshoot and find solutions for deficiencies with your sheet metal stamping die tooling. In many cases press dies can be modified, altered or rebuilt.


We can refit your metal stamping dies in case you have switched to a new punch press.


Numbering metal stamping tool and die parts could help with maintenance, repair and replacement issues. They can speed up the process of identifying broken or damaged parts.

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