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Custom sheet metal stamping tool and die design
Precision tool and diemaker
Precision tool and diemaker Canada

Precision tool and die maker


Vortool Manufacturing has forty-five years experience as a precision tool and die maker. Vortool Manufacturing does custom metal stamping tool and die design, metal stamping die manufacturing as well as we maintain and repair die tooling.


Call sales at: 604-239-7218 or send us an EMAIL with the outline of your die tooling project.


Vortool Manufacturing also makes specialty jigs, fixtures, gauges, templates and custom benchtop presses to improve your metal stamping processes.

Made in Canada.

Metal stamping tool and die manufacturing

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Precision tool and die manufacturing parts

Tool and die makers

Vortool Manufacturing tool and die makers design, construct, test, maintain and repair metal stamping production tools, customized metal stamping dies, cutting tools, specialty jigs, fixtures, and gauges. At Vortool Manufacturing we machine, turn, heat treat, sharpen parts to assemble the final product. As well as we produce parts on CNC lathes, CNC milling machines, and EDM machines.


Our tool and die makers produce custom metal stamping dies that is used to manufacture and stamp out parts. Vortool Manufacturing makes punches, dies, and die sets. Precision is essential in tool and die making. Punches and dies must maintain proper clearance to produce parts accurately. It is necessary to have components machined with tolerances of less than one-thousandth of an inch.


Vortool Manufacturing tool and die makers work in closely as part of a manufacturing engineering team. 


Our tool and die makers are required to have all of the traditional skills plus substantial digital skills. Vortool Manufacturing metal stamping tool and die makers use SolidWorks 3D CAD for metal stamping die design.


Vortool Manufacturing makes metal stamping dies for all manufacturing sectors including sheet metal stamping, pipe and tube piercing and bending as well as extrusion punching.

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