Pneumatic shop air press options Canada

It works under pressure!


Uses shop air.
Configure and order your custom AirHEAD
Benchtop Pneumatic Box Frame Punch Press

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  • Blanking 

  • Piercing 

  • Lancing 

  • Shearing or cut off 

  • Bending

  • Trimming 

  • Shaving 

  • Compound 

  • Fine blanking

  • Coining 

  • Embossing 

  • Forming

  • Crimping

  • Extruding 

  • Bulging 

  • Swaging 

  • Drawing

  • Riveting

  • Die-cutting

  • Assembling

AirHEAD - benchtop pneumatic box frame shop air presses


  • Capacity: 1 ton, 2 ton, 3 ton, 4 ton and 5 ton (5” bore).
    depends on the number of stages.

  • Available for up to 10 tons - Stroke: 0.5” x 12”.

  • Bore and No. of Stages: 5” standard.
    Available between 1.5” - 8” using up to 5 stages per cylinder. The capacity is between 300 - 20,000 lbs (0.15 - 10 tons). Adapter plate required.

  • Presses are equipped with a guarded foot pedal. As an option two push buttons and the necessary valves maybe added if required.

  • Safety shield or guard options: Lexan safety guards as physical barriers at front, back and sides or safety light curtains are available.

  • Workspace: For your custom-built press, specify the inside dimensions W x D x H.

  • Dedicated table frames are available.
    Choose between two steel tube welded models or one that is made of an 80/20 aluminum structure. All three models may be floor mounted or equipped with casters. Custom frames are also available.

  • The pneumatic punch press is fully customizable, based on your specific requirements.

Made in Canada. Get custom die tooling for all stamping applications.


Vortool shop air press samples