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It works under pressure!


Uses shop air.
Configure and order your custom AirHEAD
Custom Benchtop or Station Pneumatic Punch Press

We deliver in 4 weeks.



  • Blanking 

  • Piercing 

  • Lancing 

  • Shearing or cut off 

  • Bending

  • Trimming 

  • Shaving 

  • Compound 

  • Fine blanking

  • Coining 

  • Embossing 

  • Forming

  • Crimping

  • Extruding 

  • Bulging 

  • Swaging 

  • Drawing

  • Riveting

  • Die-cutting

  • Assembling

AirHEAD - benchtop and portable pneumatic presses

Made to order


  • Capacity: 1 ton - 20 ton (5” bore).
    depends on the number of stages.

  • Available for up to 10 tons - Stroke: 0.5” x 12”.

  • Bore and No. of Stages: 5” standard.
    Available between 1.5” - 8” using up to 5 stages per cylinder. The capacity is between 300 - 20,000 lbs (0.15 - 10 tons). Adapter plate required.

  • Presses are equipped with a guarded foot pedal. As an option two push buttons and the necessary valves maybe added if required.

  • Safety shield or guard options: Lexan safety guards as physical barriers at front, back and sides. Safety light curtains are also available.

  • Workspace: For your custom-built press, specify the inside dimensions W x D x H.

  • Dedicated table frames are available.
    Choose between two steel tube welded models or one that is made of an 80/20 aluminum structure. All three models may be floor mounted or equipped with casters. Custom frames are also available.

  • The pneumatic punch press is fully customizable, based on your specific requirements.

Made in Canada. Get custom die tooling for all stamping applications.


Vortool shop air press samples

Additional pneumatic punch press features


  • Side feed

  • Two push buttons

  • Safety shield or guard options: Lexan safety guards as physical barriers at front, back and sides.

  • Safety light curtains.

  • Portable table with or without coasters

Made in Canada

Side feed option for custom pneumatice press. Made in Canada.

Side feed of box frame neumatic press

Push buttons for pneumatic punch press

Push buttons

Lexar satefy guard protection for pneumatic presses

Pneumatic press with Lexan safety guards as physical barriers at front, back and sides

Table top pneumatic press with safety light curtain

Pneumatic press with safety light curtain

Portable pneumatic press table with coasters

Portable custom table frame with coasters and slug collection bucket

Portable punch press table feet with leveling screws

Pneumatic press table with levelling screw and option to bolt table to floor.

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