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Metal stamping tool and die cost estimates

Vortool Manufacturing offers the most accurate time estimation of tool and die design and manufacturing. It starts with a concept tool and die design of a project, and then all of its die tooling components to be manufactured on a step by step base.


The time given to each step is established over the years, based on experience a competitive work environment standards. It is the foundation of giving you the true value of what the project is worth. 


A time estimate is not a quotation. A quotation is free and it rarely includes details. Vortool's "Tool and Die Manufacturing Time Estimates" is a service for you to compare different metal stamping die design and manufacturing quotations you may get from other tool and die design and manufacturing companies.


Vortool Manufacturing can provide detailed information of both the time that should be spent and the material cost for the project. This information may help to decide what route to choose and if you will get your money's worth.

Stamping tool and die production cost estimates
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