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7.5 ton floating mandrel punch press station and tooling for long tube piercing

Made to order


Design and manufacturing of modular shop air punch press for aluminum tube punching by Vortool Manufacturing in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. This punch press station holds 3 long floating custom mandrel dies.

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  • Air to oil cylinder punch press

  • Requires compressed air for input (100 psi)

  • FRL included

  • Punch press capacity:
    7.5 Ton @ 120 psi,
    6.5 Ton @ 100 psi and
    5.0 Ton @ 80 psi

  • Operator control foot pedal

  • Plastic container to collect falling slugs


The floating mandrel tube die swap


The mandrel tool and die swap takes about 2 minutes.


All three mandrel hole punching dies are stored on the tabletop. One of the three is likely inside the punch press, bolted in place with two ½” cap screws.

When a different mandrel tool and die needs to be used in the press, simply remove the two screws, slide the mandrel tool and die back and then away from the mounting plate. Slide another mandrel tool and die onto the position and install the two screws.

Custom portable floating mandrel tube punch press tooling for aluminum pipe or tube
Mandrel die multi station punch press design
Long mandrel die for round aluminum tube piercing


  • Custom mandrel die for punching keyhole or round shape.

  • Mandrel support to minimize deformation or collapse during punching.

  • Punches can be sharpened or replaced if required.

  • One fixed stop at the left end of the mandrel.

  • Side index allows tube rotation at 90° to punch 4 holes one after another at the same length.

  • After the first hole is punched and PRESS is in idle, rotate the tube clockwise at 90°, until the internal indexing ball snaps into the existing hole, that was previously punched. Repeat this until all 4 holes punched. Make sure the tube is gently pushed against the end stop for each indexing.

Floating mandrel tube punch press tool aluminum tube punching
Aluminum tube pipe hole puncing
Floating long mandrel tube punch press. North America, Canada
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