Tube / pipe flattening, bending punching and trimming tool and die


This custom-built to order multi-station round pipe or tube tool and die combines four separate operations. The process of tube or pipe flattening involves using the force of the press to push the pipe or tubing against a die, making the tube to conform to the shape of the die. Parts of the tooling is made of hardened steel or tool steel to maintain and prolong the tool's life.


  • Flattens the end of the pipe or tube. The process of tube flattening involves using the force of the press to flatten the pipe.

  • Bends the end of the already flattened tube or pipe.

  • Trims the end corners in a radius of the already flattened and bent tube or pipe.

  • Punches a hole at the flattened end of the tube or pipe for to be able to fasten it to other components.


This pipe or tube die is placed in a press to make the finished parts. There are steps to follow and there are interchangeable elements to make all variations of making the final product.


This multi-station tool also comes with a jig to check the correct length of the product to achieve and check the consistency. It helps with quality control.


This tool and die was designed and manufactured by Vortool Manufacturing.

Custom multi-station steel tube / pipe piercing, bending tool and  die with jig

Custom multi-station tube die design to flatten, bend, punch, and trim steel tubing or piping

The final product can be mass produces by tube press die