Benchtop Pneumatic Coax Cable Compression Crimping Tool / Press


Coaxial cable connection crimping made easy. This coax cable compression crimping tool / press is used to terminate a stripped coaxial cable by pushing the connector firmly onto the stripped cable. Please watch video below to see the benchtop pneumatic coax cable connector crimping press at work.​​

  • No electrical power required, only compressed shop air.

  • Air cylinder:

    Bore: 3.15

    Stroke: 1.97

    Max. output: 935 lbs @ 120 psi

  • Operating pressure:
    Adjustable, recommended between 60-100 psi

  • Press’ travel (stroke): ~ 0.920

  • Operator control:
    3 position joystick. Forward – Neutral – Reverse.
    In Neutral (middle) position the stroke can be moved by hand.

  • Striker head: Adjustable.

  • Anvil (connector retainer): Swap able between two sizes. 
    Easily changeable stations for two different coaxial cable sizes and connector types to squish the coax cable and connector together.

  • Weight: 45 lb

  • Size: 12 " wide x 19" long x 8.5" tall

Designed by Vortool Manufacturing. Made in Canada.