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Metal stamping die consultation


Metal stamping tool and die design and manufacturing consultation service


Are you struggling with an existing tool and die design or die manufacturing project?


Contact us with your tool and die project problem solving needs. We have over 40 years experience as a tool and die maker and tool and die designer for the metal stamping industry. 


We also provide die maintenance, repair and revision solutions for tooling, dies, machinery and parts.​

There are several types of tools that could be built for the same part. Metal stamping dies have special purposes to best suit both parts and metal stamping production. The cost of the tool and die could be greatly affected by a number of factors. When designing metal stamping a dies a tool and die maker or tool and die designer must have the following information prior to start:


Quantity of sheet metal stamping parts

Estimated number of parts the tool should produce monthly, yearly or in total.


When there are 2000 parts to be punched in total, then it is not wise to build a press tool that is designed for high volume production. Make something simple and inexpensive, yet produce the correct product part.


If the amount of 2000 is for a day or for a week and possibly for many years to come, then you must build a tool that lasts, very efficient and easy to use or has the capability for automation. The customer may have a request for manual, semi-automated or fully automated production.

The quality of the sheet metal stamped parts

Some metal stamped parts may require absolute burr-free edges without a second operation to remove the burrs. Some metal stamping production parts require straight edges all the way. There are stamped parts that have very tight specifications that require a building of specialty tools.


Punch press specifications

The metal stamping die set must physically fit the punch press that is intended for. Punch press specifications may limit how to build the metal stamping die.

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