Customized Laboratory Punch Presses


Custom compact laboratory punch presses are offered by Vortool Manufacturing. They are the most suitable for applications with relatively low tonnage requirements in laboratory and cleanroom environments.


  • Compact laboratory punch press models are very small in size, e.g. 8x12" footprint only. They can be used in limited space areas.

  • Both the inner usable area, height, and tonnage could be increased to any specifications of your needs for up to 80 ton capacity.

  • You may install any of your existing tooling, or Vortool Manufacturing can design and build custom metal stamping dies for you. Vortool can make the most precise and extreme metal stamping tools that you will ever own. The laboratory box frame punch presses can be equipped with different die mounting options for both the lower and upper die shoe from conventional to a time saving quick-change method.

  • Compact laboratory punch presses are ready for bench top mount or shipped with a dedicated custom sturdy metal stand.

  • Different operator controls are available to suit your needs including guarded foot pedals.

  • Depending on the environment where laboratory punch press will be used, aluminum or stainless steel components can be used to build the equipment.

Custom 0.8 ton Compact Benchtop Pneumatic Punch Press


This compact 0.9 ton benchtop pneumatic punch press is designed to push down ram by hand to pre-align before striking with full air power. No electrical power required, only compressed shop air.

  • 0.8 ton

  • Air cylinder bore: 3.15"

  • Air cylinder stroke: 3.94"

  • Air pressure: 130 psi max, adjustable by FRL

  • Quick connect to air supply

  • Base to RAM distance: 3.6"

  • Operated by a toggle switch

  • Weight: 75 lbs

  • Dimensions: 14 x 16 x 19"

Designed, manufactured and made to order by Vortool Manufacturing in Surrey, BC, Canada.

Compact Tube Bending Pneumatic Press