Vortool can design and manufacture shop air presses to fit your specific needs.

7.5 Ton Portable Air-Oil Cylinder Shop Air Punch Press Station


  • Ready to ship.

  • No electrical power required, only compressed shop air.

  • Custom tool and die is available by Vortool Manufacturing. 

Configuration for Press
  • 7.5 ton air-oil cylinder bench top press mounted on sturdy metal frame table

  • Power source: Compressed shop air at 100 psi

  • Quick connect to air supply

  • Tonnage (output): 7.5 ton @120 psi

  • Stroke: 5/8"

  • Power stroke: 9/32"

  • Cycle time: 40 - 45 SPM

  • A top of the line FRL is to protect and to ensure the long service life of the cylinder

  • Press size workspace inside: 10 x 14.5"

  • Press workspace height: 9.5"

  • Total height of the table and press: 68"

  • Total weight: 300 lb

  • Table Size: 24 wide x 24 wide x 36" tall

  • Option to permanently anchor table to floor

  • Operator control foot pedal



*Price may vary depending on configuration of press. Plus crate $250 / actual shipping cost plus customs (if applicable), and taxes. We ship anywhere in Canada and the United States. Funds are in Canadian dollars.

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