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Zoltan Voros - tool and die maker and metal stamping die designer - Vortool Manufacturing
Tool and die designer /
Tool and diemaker / sales

Call: 604-239-7218

Vortool Manufacturing mission statement


Vortool Manufacturing is dedicated to tool and die design and precision manufacturing of custom metal stamping dies and custom bench top punch presses that deliver professional quality and absolute satisfaction. We also repair and maintain metal stamping dies. As well as make specialty custom jigs and fixtures. We also do low volume sheet metal stamping.

Your die tooling needs may vary from simple press brake tooling to progressive blanking or forming tools to semi or fully automated punch press units.

Vortool Manufacturing makes metal stamping tool and die tooling in-house, on time and within budget.

Zoltan Voros - tool and die maker


  • 45 years of experience

  • Engineering manager between 2007-2017.

  • Tool and die designer using SolidWorks since 2005.

  • Tool and die maker and tool and die designer since 1975.

References can be provided upon request.

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