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Forming tool and die for laser cut parts

Wipe square bending tool and die. Laser cut caster pads are bent at four edges. Three of the edges has a 90 degree angle. The forth edge has a different angle.

Precision metal stamping tool and die Vortool Manufacturing
Metal stamping die set manufacturing North America, Canada

Bending tool and die​​

Made to order


Bending sheet metal at an angle and form it to the shape required. These bending tools and dies are designed for low or high volume part production. 


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Made in Canada

Metal bending tool and die

The length of the strip is adjustable with a sliding track.

U shape meta bending tool and die

Coining / U shape bending with tool and die. It transforms a strip of slim, straight copper piece to have a curved shape in the middle. 

Metal bending tool and die for copper

The U shape bending die is interchangeable tooling to have 3 different sizes to have three different radiuses. 

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