Jigs, Fixtures, Gauges, and Templates


Improve your mass production process by using specialty jigs, and custom fixtures, gauges, and templates. Hold and guide your workpieces in place to achieve consistency in producing multipole parts consistently. They can be used as part of increasing safety at the workplace.


Vortool Manufacturing can design and manufacture your customized jigs, fixtures, gauges, and templates. 


In-house CNC Machining and Heat Treatment are and hardness testing of metals are is available.





Customized Jigs


A jig is a special device that holds, supports, or is placed on a part to be machined. Jigs improve the precision of machining components.
They holds and guides the workpiece. They can usually be easily moved to new locations as needed.


Drill jigs are used for drilling, tapping, reaming, chamfering, counterboring, countersinking, and similar operations.



Customized Fixtures


Fixtures provide repeatability, accuracy, and interchangeability in your manufacturing processes to make accurate duplicates of parts. Fixtures are production tools that locate, hold and support the work securely, so the required machining operations can be performed.


Fixtures help simplify metalworking operations performed on special equipment. Fixtures can increase productivity, therefore, reduce the cost of manufacturing as well as they can be part of the quality control process.


Examples of the more-common fixtures include milling fixtures, lathe fixtures, sawing fixtures, and grinding fixtures. 


  • Milling fixtures

  • Surface-grinding fixtures

  • Lathe fixtures

  • Cylindrical-grinding fixtures

  • Mechanical-assembly fixtures including threading, riveting, stapling, stitching, pinning, etc.