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Window or door, bench top extrusion punch press and tooling

Window or door frame extrusions are made of various shapes and sizes, either from aluminum, vinyl or plastic. In order to assemble the frames properly, ready for installation, screw holes, notches, weep holes, etc. must be punched into the extrusions prior to assembly. For the extrusion hole punch process you need a stamping tool to punch the holes into the extrusions. The holes, or notches maybe needed at different sides of the same extrusion. So, the extrusion stamping tool has multiple stations beside each other, one for each feature.

There maybe pre assigned end stops when the holes are close to the extrusions’ ends, however you can feed the long extrusions through the stamping tool at other stations where the same hole pattern may need to repeat at different distances from other holes or ends. From the production point of view, you want to punch the holes as quickly as possible.

The most effective way to punch different extrusions for different frames, styles is to have dedicated punch presses and extrusion dies for each. Since the extrusion punch tooling units are designed and made with the smallest foot print possible, you could have a number of units at the same work space as they are very easy to place or re-locate, and to accommodate the previous or next manufacturing process in your assembly line.

Custom aluminum, vinyl or plastic extrusion punch presses  and tooling usually use compressed air only to make the set up fast and convenient keeping the cost down. You can start production without dedicated electrical wiring. You need a compressor and some air hose.

Custom extrusion punch presses and tools manufactured by Vortool Manufacturing are easy to set up and use, Plug in and play.

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C frame bench top punch press for door frames

12.5 ton press and tool to punch dimpled holes in door frame extrusion


Made to order


Press specifications
  • “C” frame bench top punch press

  • Tonnage (output): 12.5 ton air to oil capacity at 120 psi

  • Power requirement: compressed air, 90-120 psi

  • Operator control: Foot pedal

  • “M” style quick connect to air supply

  • FRL to filter air supply, regulate air pressure and lubricate


Extrusion punching die specifications
  • Punches a hole with dimples for No. 24 screw for wood

  • Metal door frames: 16 – 14 ga. thickness for different profile sizes, up to 9-1/2 frame

  • Adjustable frame support  and stop to accommodate the different frames

  • Extrusion die is easily removable from the press and can be replaced with different ones if needed.

C frame bench top punch press for door frames
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