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Perforating stamping die

Made to order


Perforation die cutting is a process to have multiple holes punched closely in usually thin materials. Round holes punched and slugs are removed from the holes creating the required hole pattern. Likely to move air or liquid through the object.


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Made in Canada

Precision metal stamping tool and die Vortool Manufacturing
Metal stamping die set manufacturing North America, Canada
Perforating stamping die for thick cardboard. Makes 100 holes.

Custom stamping tool and die punches 100 holes in thick corrugated cardboard. Chad is collected from falling through the bottom of the tool.

Perforating metal stamping tool and die
Perforating metal stamping tool and die

Perforating tool and die punching 282 holes.

Made for two different coil widths: 7.5” and 8.75”


Progression: 6.0”

Closed height: ~8.350 


Storage dimensions: 19.1" x 20.2" x 8.35"

Weight: 410 lbs

Made in Canada

Perforating  tool and die. Alberta, Ontario, Canada, North America

Miter cut and punch holes

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