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Portable 3.5 ton pneumatic punch press station and tooling for piercing drain holes in vinyl extrusions


Made to order.


Punch press and tool combination, to punch drain holes in two similar size, but slightly different vinyl extrusions – at both ends.

The pneumatic cylinder is placed under the press/tool and inside the frame for additional space saving, allowing the unit to be placed to an area where the vertical space is limited. There are four stations, back to back, using only two removable floating mandrel units for the four vinyl extrusion punching stations.


This extrusion punching design allows a smaller foot print for the four post guided tool, resulting a more stable vertical movement and longer extrusion hole punching tool life. All stations and punches are concentrated around the centre, instead of spreading out if the stations were in line beside one another. The vinyl extrusion insertion is from the left or from the right. The guides also allow the vinyl extrusions to slide through if needed. Drain holes are punched at both ends of the extrusions, one end at a time.

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Foot print: 21" x 34.5" 

Height: 44" 

Weight: 450 lbs 

Pneumatic multi stage cylinder
  • Bore: 5” 

  • Stroke: 3”  

  • No. of stages:

  • Output: 3.5 ton cylinder @120 psi, 2.9 tons @ 100 psi,
    adjustable by included FRL 

  • Connection: “M” style quick connect 

  • Operator control: foot pedal 

  • Safety: Lexan guards at all four sides 

xtrusion punch press and tool station. AB BC ON Canada
AirHEAD 5 pneumatic extrusion punch press station Ontario Canada
Vinyl extrusion punching mandrel

The floating mandrels are lockable with simple removal to their position to ensure that the punches will not collide with the supporting mandrels.


The vinyl extrusion punching tool has two sets of punches, allowing to punch three layers vertically and one layer horizontally in the same stroke.


The portable table or frame is designed for easy relocation. It can be picked up by using a standard pallet jack. The table’s foot plates have leveling screws. They also have access holes if permanent placement, anchoring to the floor is required.

Made in Canada.

Vinyl window extrusion hole punching triple cut though and side hole in one hit
Vinyl extrusion punching three holes through side hole in one hit
Custom drain hole vinyl extrusion punching press
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