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Steel door fame cutout hole punching stamping press tool die. Multicyl air to oil cylinder. Made in Canada.
Custom press tooling design by Zoltan Voros at Vortool Manufacturing. Made in Canada.
Portable punch press table feet with leveling screws

20 ton custom press to punch cutouts / holes in roll formed steel door frames


Made to order.

Custom press station and metal stamping tool for punching cutouts, features or holes in roll formed steel door frames.

This portable punch press station can be picked up and relocated with a standard pallet jack.


The table’s foot plates have leveling screws. They also have access holes if permanent placement, anchoring to the floor is required.


Shop air press pecifications:

  • Power:
    Compressed air, 120 psi (max)
    Operating pressure 95-100 psi

  • Connection: “M” style quick connect

  • Tonnage: 20 tons @ 120 psi

  • Operator control: foot pedal

  • Safety: front Lexan guard

  • Scrap removal: via rear chute / bucket



Steel door frame cutout tool

  • Formed parts can slide through with different widths

  • Size of cut: 1.25 x 8.0

  • Material: 0.060 galv.

Made in Canada

Collecting slugs from shute to bucket of custom portable press
Shop air press system for metal stamping
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