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2.5 ton air to oil bench top stamping punch press with safety light curtain

Made to order

The stamping press works with shop air, but the safety light curtain is operated by electricity. A narrow strip of material would fit through the side feed. Have two palm buttons.

  • Type: Air to oil cylinder, spring return

  • Air Intake: Compressed air, up to 125 psi (adjust able on FRL)

  • Capacity: 2.5 tons @120 psi

  • Stroke: 2.0”

  • Power stroke: 0.625

  • Speed: 40-45 cycles/minute

  • Air Connection: Quick connect to air supply “M” style (male)

  • Operator control: Two palm buttons

  • Workspace (inside): L-R 14” x F-B 10.5 x H 9.5”

  • Outer dimensions: L-R 26.75” x F-B 13.5 x H 41.75”

  • Weight: 192 lbs

Made in Canada

Bench top punch press with safety light curtain - laboratory press
Light curtain on pneumatic press stops operating when someone reaches in

Safety light curtain

side feed on pneumatic press

Side feed opening

Pneumatic punch press push buttons to operate

Two palm buttons

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