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Precision metal stamping tool and die maker

Tool and die makers at Vortool Manufacturing make precision simple or progressive metal stamping dies for local companies in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia as well for North America.

Vortool Manufacturing precision metal stamping dies are made right, right here in Canada.

Vortool Manufacturing also makes custom specialty jigs, fixtures, gauges and templates.

Metal stamping tool and die design

Vortool Manufacturing has over forty-five years of tool and die making and metal stamping tool and die design experience. We use SolidWorks 3D CAD to ensures that all metal stamping dies designed by Vortool Manufacturing will produce quality sheet metal stamped parts. Extrusion and mandrel pipe / tube punching stamping dies are also available.

Metal stamping tool and die repair and maintenance

We can repair your damaged or broken metal stamping dies and tube / pipe notchers.

  • Troubleshooting metal stamping dies

  • Sharpening cutting components

  • Repair worn, damaged or broken die sets

  • Component or die replacement

  • Die changes

Compound sheet metal stamping die Vortool Manufacturing

Precision metal stamping die manufacturing

Check out our one-of-a-kind precision precision metal stamping die projects by Vortool Manufacturing. Made in Canada.

Progressive metal stamping tool die design

Custom progressive metal stamping dies

Custom progressive metal stamping dies a steel strip is formed into a finished part in several operations to make a part.

Aluminum vinyl plastic extrusion hole punching pess and tooling

Extrusion hole punching press and tool manufacturing

Custom extrusion punch presses and tools.

Precision benchtop flatbed steel rule die cutting press

Custom flatbed die cutting pneumatic presses for steel rule dies

Flatbed die cutting presses for steel rule dies to cutout material into custom shapes and designs

Small batch heat treating tool steel - Surrey Langley Delta BC
Metal Stamping Surrey Vancouver Langley Abbotsford BC Canada

Sheet metal stamping

Vortool Manufacturing metal stamping can do prototype, experimental, short run or low volume runs of your sheet metal stamped parts.


Bring your existing die tooling or in-house custom tooling available from simple to progressive tools and dies.

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